Responding to global change

We are facing an era of unprecedented change: a revolution in habits and lifestyles and the urgency of responding to the climate crisis. Legislation and guidance will be in flux for years.

We are committed to help you anticipate and direct change to ensure that the investments of today will not be obsolete in just a few years’ time. This is why we engage with environmental experts and policy makers across the world.

  • We led the delegation of the International Society of City and Regional Planners at COP26.
  • Provided inputs to the New Urban Agenda of UN Habitat.
  • Supported the Royal Town Planning Institute develop their position on digital planning.

Working from the bottom-up

Resilience and positive change cannot happen without collaborative work with local communities and stakeholders: at URBAN Silence, we believe that masterplanning is a force for good that can move places and communities forward.

Working from the bottom-up is a very creative process. It means understanding local insights about the area and what makes it special. Without this understanding, investments cannot leverage local distinctiveness and generate change that can stand the test of time. Proactive listening and inclusive decision making are for us the best and only way to deliver the social value that change can bring.

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