This was a politically sensitive project aimed at scoping the objectives and challenges surrounding the preparation of a non-statutory Consensual Plan (i.e.) to encourage co-ordination and balanced development across the seven Emirates, without constraining the potential of each.

The United Arab Emirates is a country of firsts and absolutes: the world’s tallest building, the world’s largest solar plant, the first country to adopt happiness as a development policy and launch the World Happiness Council, etc. are few among its very recent achievements.
The UAE has also been steadfastly improving its global positioning as the leading country in the MENA region and a leading global force among the world’s most advanced economies, expanding its green credentials and provide good living standards and opportunities for all its citizens.
A National Consensual Plan will provide a key tool to guide continuous improvement of all UAE countries. It will also provide comprehensive and comparable monitoring of investment, growth and well-being across the nation and support the preparation of Emirate Level Spatial Strategies. The project explored among other issues

  • Data availability, gaps and requirements for harmonization and interoperability
  • Opportunities and advantages of a national framework for strategic infrastructure
  • Housing requirements and responses
  • Environmental vulnerability.

The key benefits will be in informed prioritization of national investments and balanced opportunities across Emirates; a common spatial framework for ambitious Good Growth to achieve Vision 2071 and improved efficiency.